Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Issues with running my first “Hello Android” application

Soon after I have the environment setup, I created my first Android application “Hello Android”. The app is sure simple, but I still run into some issues when running it.
The first one is “HelloAndroidConversion to Delvik format failed with error 1” (see screen shot below)
I am not a Java programmer and I have no idea what the issue is. After searching the answer on the Internet, I found the solution. That is go to “Project-Clean…” in Eclipse.
Then I received error “Could not find HelloAndroid.apk!”
It turned out to be the path I added to the system variable. I added “C:\Android\GlassFish-Tools-Bundle-For-Eclipse-1.1\jre\bin” to Path in windows system environment variable. I removed “\bin” and do “Project->Clean…” again. The issue is gone.
The emulator kept shutting down even after I passed these two issues. I had to start the emulator first. Even so, it failed to run it the first time. But it worked the second time and after. Strange!

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